Sidewalks & Pedestrian Safety in St. John's, NL
Items that are embedded within or obstruct easy movement within sidewalks.



  •  Priority 1a
  •  Priority 1
  •  Priority 2
  •  Priority 3
  •  Priority 4


  • Fire Hydrant
  • Telephone Pole
  • Street Light
  • Narrow Bridge
  • Street Sign
  • Traffic Light
  • Parking Metre
  • Sidewalk Stairs
  • Other

Recent Sidewalk Stories

2021 Updates

We've updated the site for Winter 2021! The City's new priorities are now visible on this front page as well as at the city priorities page. The 2020 priorities are now found at for reference. We're also working on a summary and analysis of the changes, which will be posted shortly as a separate page.

What we're doing

Getting around St. John's, NL, on foot on the sidewalks is can be pretty tricky - from vehicles that won't stop at crosswalks, to clearing snow, and obstructions in the sidewalk itself, it's not really a cake walk. And so, we're trying to pull all of the information we can get together in one place. We're hoping it will help City Council and those who keep an eye on them - you, the voters - informed about what's going on, and how we could do better to foster safe walking for all.

All of the data used on this website is open access, as is the code. For more information, see the About page.

How to use this site

This site is designed to act as a resource, and a tool for collecting data regarding pedestrian safety, and sidewalk access in the City of St. John's, NL. You can add points on the obstructions and stories maps, or review data from open sources that describes our city, residents, and its neighbourhoods.